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  • 1927: The cornerstone of Riggs Hall, designed by Rudolph E. Lee, is laid on the site of Old Mechanical Hall which burned May 27, 1926. (Yandle, Bruce, "The Plowboy Scholar: Enoch Walter Sikes, 1925-1940", "Tradition: A History of the Presidency of Clemson University", McKale, Donald M., editor, Mercer University Press, Macon, Georgia, 1988, ISBN 0-86554-296-1, page 155.)
  • 1969: A November moratorium against the Vietnam war is overruled by the University Executive Council, voting to prohibit the use of university facilities for any regional protest. The Steering Committee of the Clemson Vietnam Moratorium Committee files suit against the Board of Trustees and the Executive Council, but the court rules in favor of the university.
  • 1970: A new canteen opens in the basement of Lever Hall.
  • 1988: The City of Clemson begins abortive attempt to gain lease of Tiger Town Tavern property. City offices have outgrown the space in the converted Southern Railway depot, and the town management is looking for options. According the Clemson Mayor Larry Abernathy, (later), the city has been contacted by absentee business owner Ernest Willis, of Arlington, Virginia, who offers the city a lease on the building occupied by the "Triple T".

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