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Only two (2) species of venomous snake live in the Clemson area. The Canebrake Rattlesnake and the Southern Copperhead. There are a few well educated Herpetologists in the area to talk with should you need advice. One is Jim Farmer ofOconee Reptiles and the other is Joel La Rocque who has been working with snakes for some 38 years now and has received over 50 bites from various venomous snakes. He has practiced self immunization by injecting various snake venoms directly into his body to build anti bodies which counter act snake bites and it has been shown to work. The Canebrake rattler is a sub speces of the Timber rattlesnake and its venom is more potent than the latter as it contains a neuro toxic component as well as the usual proteolitic properties of most rattlesnakes in the U S. Fewer then 10 deaths per year are recorded as a result of rattlesnake bites. The new anti venoms used have proved to be extremely successful in saving lives of both man and animals who have been bitten by pit vipers.

Snake wranglers

A snake wrangler is a man or woman who catches wild snakes with the use of specialized hand tools or with hands alone. There are several noted wranglers throughout the world who make a living by catching snakes for zoo's, medical research facilities and private sales.

Local Snake Wranglers

Joel La Rocque owns Specialized Venoms. They sell venom for medical research and often put on reptile shows. 864-882-7498. La Rocque has over 50 bites from venomous species with out serious effect. He has never used anti venom to treat any of the bites.

Jim Farmer owns Oconee Reptiles and operates a walk-in reptile museum featuring various species of reptiles. 864-638-9340.

Both are available for private shows as well as lectures on reptiles

James L. Farmer
1537 Highlands Highway
Walhalla, South Carolina 29691
Joel T. La Rocque
Specialized venoms
1610 Blue ridge Blvd.
Seneca, South Carolina 29672

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