Stone Gates

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Stone Gates at Perimeter Road (photo property of Tiger Brotherhood)
Stone Gates at Cherry Road (photo property of Tiger Brotherhood)
Stone Gates at Highway 93 (photo property of Tiger Brotherhood)

From the Tiger Brotherhood website:

" The "gates of Clemson" are historic landmarks beloved by all Clemson alumni and friends. Thanks to the vision of the members of the Class of 1928 and their loyalty to Clemson, the first set of gates was built in 1939 close to campus on Highway 93. Constructed of stone and standing over 10 feet tall, the original gates created a majestic entrance to campus.

During the late 1980s, to accommodate campus growth and to celebrate the University's centennial, Tiger Brotherhood took on the challenge of raising the funds to relocate the gates to their present site on Highway 93 further away from campus. The goal was accomplished, the gates were painstakingly reconstructed and a plaque was installed to mark Tiger Brotherhood's place in the history of the gates to Clemson.

Because of our long-standing association with the "gates of Clemson," Tiger Brotherhood decided to take on a project to construct gates at each major entrance to the campus. Tiger Brotherhood raised the total funds necessary for the construction of three sets of gates and to move the original set of gates to their present site on Highway 93, representing the current boundary for Clemson's campus. A set of gates was constructed on Perimeter road near the Botanical Gardens. The second set was built on Cherry road at the Walker golf course. The last set will be built after the road construction on Highway 93 (the backentrance to campus) is completed."