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Columbo's Pizza is a popular eatery located on Pendleton Road just south of the National Guard Armory at the edge of Pendleton, South Carolina. It has been open for 24 years as of 2009. Mark Conrad has been its manager since it opened. It has wi-fi.

Though known for having some "out-there" locals who frequent it regularly, Columbo's has some of the best pizza in the Clemson area. Columbo's is the only place near-by where you can get a pretty good version of a deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza. They also have The Atlas, a gigantic 28-inch pizza for parties and those with enormous appetites.

It offers a pizza and Italian menu, is licensed for beer and wine, and receives universally good reviews. The Atlas pizza is highly regarded.

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203 Pendleton Road # 1
Clemson, SC 29631-2263