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The current version of Pump It Up!, The Premiere 3, was reinstalled Thursday, April 21, 2005 after it was removed for repairs for a number of weeks. This particular version is widely known to be buggy and happens to freeze up on occasion. Some things to keep in mind to prevent your game from coming to an abrupt halt:

-After each player is finished with his or her game unplug the machine and let it cool down 15-30 seconds. Sometimes if someone goes up one after another the machine will freeze up while loading the bonus stage.

-On the song selection screen let the song demo load up before you press any buttons. You may still hold down the blue arrow buttons to scroll through the song list quickly without much of a problem. This problem isn't too bad when entering codes such as speed multipliers, but there is a good chance the game will freeze on the title card screen if you select the song before the demo has a chance to load.

Note about Pump It Up: While it is indeed "Prex 3" now, the machine is not able to handle the extra load. The PIU box that we have is the first edition, so the processor is not up to par. We have found that if you unplug the machine after each play and then restart it, it will work. You should also NOT play Beethoven's Virus. This locks it up faster than the pope's dead. Eventually they will probably take the expansion off so that then the drunks can play and fuck up our machine. And ddr sucks ass compared to PIU, don't even get me started.

Does the counter still serve beer? I heard a rumor they stopped since they were caught serving to an underage guy. --harksaw

Didn't even realize there was already a discussion about this.  :p Yeah, I haven't seen them serve beer there in awhile, but then again I don't go there much anymore since they got rid of the arcade. Now it's an Xbox lounge. Luckily they did get Pump It Up: Exceed SE for the Xbox with at least one dance pad. They haven't set it up yet, but the people behind the counter said they might get some people to convert it into a hard pad. -- 20:02, 17 January 2006 (EST) (TheKoG) (I know, I really should register. :p)
Ok, now I'm registered. --TheKoG 20:06, 17 January 2006 (EST)