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The Rapscallion was a student run humor publication of Clemson University. It began as a creative inquiry project within the English department in Fall 2007. Hoping to one day become self sufficient, the publication accepted humorous submissions from students, alumni and staff members. The Rapscallion was also responsible for holding random shenanigans on the Clemson campus. In fall 2008, the staff hosted an Epic Shaving Cream Battle on Bowman Field for no reason other than spreading happy humor feelings among the student body. More recently they held an open mic humor night at a nearby Deli, Main Street Deli & Coffeehouse, in downtown Central.

The current faculty advisor for the Rapscallion is John Warner, a Clemson University professor and resident funny-man. He is also the author of Fondeling Your Muse and So You Want to Be President?

The Rapscallion also has a penchant for funny mustaches.

Past Issues

Special Literary Edition, Spring 2008

Iss. 1.1 "Study Break," Spring 2008

Iss. 2.1 "Saving the World," Fall 2009

Iss. 2.2 "Naughty & Nice," Fall 2009


The Rapscallion, originally created and copyrighted by Ben Burris. Rapscallion2.png

Current Staff

Adrienne Rankin

Jenna Harper

Amy Carroll

Ben Burris

Caroline Rash

Theresa Sulkowski

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Past Editors In Chief

2008-Present: Adrienne Rankin

2007: Alyssa Mander Buckley


This project had ceased to exist by early 2012.

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